Rules and Info


1. No Hacked Clients or Unfair Mods

While it is impossible to list every client/mod that is and is not allowed, here is a general rule of thumb to go by: any mod or client that alters gameplay mechanics or in any way provides a gameplay advantage relative to other players is strictly prohibited. Violating this provision will always result in a permanent ban no questions asked. Here is a brief list of permitted mods:
  a. Optifine
  b. HUD Mods (bspkrs' mods, 5zig)
  c. Better Sprint
  d. Minimap

2. No Advertising

Putting a reference or link in chat to servers, content, or media unaffiliated with Empire PvP is strictly prohibited. Doing so will result in at least a temporary mute and could lead to a permanent ban in the event of spam advertising.

3. No Abusing Glitches, Bugs, or Exploits

We will do everything in our power to prevent bugs from occurring, but there is always the possibility of them surfacing as a result of outdated plugins, unstable spigot builds, incompatible plugins, bugs in Minecraft's software, administrator error, server hardware malfunction, or any combination of these things. With that said, it is essential that players report any sort of bugs, glitches, or exploits as soon as they discover them. Admins will accordingly reward you for your honestly. However, if you fail to report a bug, you will be punished with a temporary ban, the length at which is at the Owners' discretion. If you fail to report a glitch, bug, or exploit to abuse it to benefit you or your faction, you will be permanently banned, no questions asked.

4. No Racism, Sexism, Discrimination, or Hate Speech

Empire PvP is a welcoming community of gamers. We believe fully in free speech as long as it does not impinge on anyone else's ability to enjoy the server. All players are valued members of the community, and any attempts to exclude, attack, bully, or disparage other players are strictly prohibited and will result in at least a temporary mute and potentially a permanent ban. With that said, swearing is loosely permitted as long as it is in moderation and as long as it is not used to put others down. Use common sense, don't abuse this privilege or you will be punished.

5. Respect Players and Staff Members

Empire PvP staff work hard to ensure that our server runs smoothly and they exist to help the player base. Realize this and treat them with respect and they will do the same for you. Disrespecting staff will result in at least a verbal warning and potentially a permanent ban. Being dishonest with staff members may also result in a permanent ban.

6. No Chargebacks

There are no buycraft chargebacks allowed, period. All purchases through the buycraft store are kept on a strict record, and chargebacks are strictly prohibited by the provisions of our terms and conditions. Any attempt to chargeback will be promptly thwarted through an ip-ban and the submission of thorough evidence to paypal that will ensure that the chargeback does not go through.

Server Info

Access the shop with /shop to buy items and see their sell prices!

Sell your items with /sell. Load up the sell inventory with sellable items and close it to sell.

Access the point shop with /pointshop to spend your points. You are awarded two points every half hour, so play regularly!

Enchant your items with /enchantshop. Use exp to put vanilla enchantments on your gear!

For the sake of memory, use /menu to access any utility mentioned above.

You will notice four rooms around the center of spawn. Three of them have NPCs that will help you aquire custom enchantments for your gear.

The Enchanter allows you to buy costom enchant books.

The Alchemist allows you to level up your dust and enchantment books by combining two of the same.

The Tinkerer allows you to trade in enchanted armor for experience, or a custom enchantment book for a fire ball.

Fire balls can be used to get dust, and dust can be used to improve the success rate of an enchantment book.

White scrolls can be used during enchanting to prevent armor destruction.

Black scrolls can be used to pull a custom enchantment off a piece of armor.

Both of these can be aquired through mining. In the fourth room you will find voting crates, spawning crates, and special crates.

Crates require keys which can be aquired through mining, voting, and purchased on the buycraft store.

Use /koth schedule to view the daily KoTH times. Use /koth loot to view potential winner rewards! There are four koth arenas located several hundred blocks out from spawn in each cardinal direction.

Use /wild for a random teleport.

Mob spawners spawn mobs that are not hostile. They are still affected by fall damage and can be pushed by water. Plan your mob traps accordingly.

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